JDC Central is a three day event that showcases academics, athletics, social spirit, and charity. Delegates compete in academic case competitions, parliamentary style debates, sports tournaments and social competitions. The event allows students to showcase all aspects of university life from school spirit and dedication, to academic skills and teamwork. The team that performs the best overall takes home the prestigious “School of the Year” title.


JDC Central is Canada’s fastest growing business student competition. In 2019, there were 700 competitors from 12 major business schools, making JDC Central one of the largest competitions around. JDCC boasts the most talented and well rounded students from across Central & Atlantic Canada. This year, the JDC Central date and location is still to be determined.


Each school enlists nine academic teams representing various concentrations of business with cases covering accounting, business strategy, digital strategy, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources, international business, marketing, along with a wild card case. Each team is composed of three students. Teams are given three hours to prepare a twenty minute presentation, which they will then present to a panel of industry professionals.


The debate teams are composed of four talented individuals who compete in parliamentary style, head-to-head debates on current and challenging topics in business. Teams are notified of their topic thirty minutes prior to the debate, in which time they prepare their opinionated arguments. With the ability to interject your opponent's speech, debate proves to be the most heated portion of the competition.


Eight top athletes will compete in two sports tournaments over the course of the competition. Teams will be put to the test based on endurance, skill, and team spirit.

In the upcoming competition, the first sport that athletes will compete in is dodgeball, with the second sport being revealed in November.


Social teams are comprised of four energetic and outgoing individuals who will be summoned to multiple unconventional challenges at any day, any given time throughout the competition. "Socialites" will be tested based on creativity, character, improvisation, and school spirit. The social competition is undoubtedly the most unpredictable and comical aspect of JDC Central.

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