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Briauna Bowen

Graduate Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing and Minor in Spanish

Briauna began her JDC Central experience in 2017 as an external volunteer when it was held at Carleton University in Ottawa, then as an academic delegate on JDCC Sprott in 2018 as a member of the Marketing team and finally an internal volunteer on last year's JDCC Sprott team. Briauna loves to get involved in the Sprott and Carleton community by joining other clubs like SBSS and DECA, as well as playing with the Carleton Field Hockey team. This year Briauna looks forward to using her knowledge of JDCC and case competitions to lead the JDCC Sprott team alongside her wonderful co-captain.

Dana Quinn

5th year Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing and Management

Dana has been a member of Sprott's JDCC team since 2017. She began as a social delegate in her second year, an internal volunteer in her third year and this past year was an academic delegate competing on the Human Resources team. This has allowed her to see JDCC from many viewpoints and has increased her dedication to the program. Dana is excited to see how far Sprott students can push themselves to achieve excellence and can't wait to see them on the podium at JDCC 2020.

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Gary Otten

Graduate Bachelor of Commerce, Finance

Gary began his JDCC career in Fall 2017 as a member of the JDCC Sprott Business Strategy team. In February of 2018, Gary continued his participation in case competitions as a member of Sprott Competes; Sprott's Elite Case Competition Team. During this time, Gary represented Sprott at the University of Florida's, Heavener International Case Competition in Gainesville, placing 2nd in their pool against some of the top business schools in the world. In 2019, Gary took on the role as Godparent to the Academic teams, helping coach and mentor the delegates to very successful performances at the competition!

Quinn Bazinet

Graduate Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting

Quinn began with JDCC as an external volunteer in 2017 when it was held at Carleton University. He has been actively involved in the Sprott and Carleton community through holding leadership roles in Sprosh, the Carleton University Exchange Association (CUEx) as well as been a member of Sprott DECA. In addition, Quinn has been a teaching assistant for multiple undergraduate courses and is currently pursuing his Master of Accounting at Carleton. He is looking forward to working with all delegates to help them archive success at JDCC 2020!

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Internal Volunteers

Zachary Hobbs

1st year Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting

Zachary is new to Carleton this year, as well to JDCC Sprott! He really enjoys being a part of the community, as shown through his previous involvement in student council and peer mentoring in high school. He is very excited to be a part of JDCC, helping the team prepare for the competition in January, and to see what it takes to be an academic delegate!

Reilly Kraemer

2nd year Bachelor of International Business, International Marketing and Trade

This is Reilly's first year being apart of JDCC! She is currently apart of SBSS as one of the Formals Co-Directors and in her first year was on the Social Committee. She loves to get involved with her community and is excited for her year with JDCC! This year she is looking forward to watching the competitions as a volunteer and see what it takes!

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Katelyne Clackett, Megan Enright & Laura Grant
BUSINESS strategy|
Duncan Branda & Noah Geens
Digital strategy|
Livia Cooper, Andrew Malcove & Lisa Marshall
Michael Berube, Sebastian Boudreault & Liam Smith
Davis King, Nicholas Lamot & Samuel Wilson
human resources|
Julia DeMarinis & Ricky Grewal
international business|
Hanna Di Virgilio & Sarah Moss
Kira Asselin, Rory Fifer & Alyssa Gonneau
Michael Berube, Hanna Di Virgilio & Ricky Grewal
Michael Green, Brendan Pragashkumar, Adam Prittie & Joseph Torrie
Alessandra Brasier, Eric Huang, Noor Masad & Mathew Zee
Lindsay Bell, Nicholas Coghlan, Lauren Crook, Alexei Dela Cuesta, Andrew Elliot, Eric Plazek, Caedan Saulnier, Lacey Thompson


Caitlind Anderson

As JDCC Sprott's Faculty Advisor, Caitlind Anderson helps prepare competitors for the competition, involve faculty members in the mentoring process, and provide advice and support to the Co-Captains! It is her first year with JDCC Sprott and she is looking forward to a great year with the teams!

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